“From heaven”

“From heaven”                                                                                            back to work

From Heaven …

Everything starts with a hot-air balloon ride that has left me a deep impression. The flight took 2 hours and we have been up to a height of 2000 meters . It was a unique experience to soar high above the clouds , no wind or any annoying noise . Above the clouds there was another world to see . A world similar to a lively and virgin white mountain formation where a beautiful play of light prevails . Under the clouds were forming gorgeous graphic patterns.

In my work, “From Heaven ‘ , the aim is to create a similar own world. Seeing these patterns – fully formed naturally or manipulated by man – gave rise to work around the theme ‘fly’.

The perfect way to set a own hidden world is a box . A box arouses curiosity . Because the content is hidden , it gets something of a mystery .

The aerial images , which I try to abstract to stylized , graphic patterns were applied in Japanese lacquer . Japanese lacquer is a very warm and inviting material with many opportunities . The choice of the images form a kind of worldtrip .

During my research about the beginnings of aviation , I became fascinated by the ancient human dream to fly … The adventure , the experiment , uncertainty or even the unshakable belief in a final new design , the fusion of technology and aesthetics : are all elements that greatly appeal to the imagination . An excellent example of this merger are the first gliders of Otto Lilienthal with their handsome structures . Also in the first balloons aesthetics was not forgotten with their sleek shape and the lines formed by the ropes . Was this a conscious choice or does functionality goes hand in hand with aesthetics ? Gets it our stamp of “beauty” by the poetic character ?

In the past, many imaginative constructions were devised in order to raise us from the earth and so live up to the dream of flying. In my work I try to convey through small sculptures , which my imagination around the idea of ​​flying free rein let go .

Outside of man no other living creature has a dream to fly . That’s why I use man as a thread through all the scenes. It was not my intention to invent new things. Man is already in antiquity working on his dream to fly , and this is also frequently reflected in myths , legends and history . Everything has been conceived and drawn.

The intention was to show this amount of purely human desire in my way. The feeling I had when ballooning , when reading stories ( fiction and non -fiction ) , and at the sight of the many sketches and drawings , I wanted to give it a shape, a certain atmosphere . The atmosphere of light, transparency and mobility .

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